Learn The Changes a Cleaning Routine Can Bring to Your Life

Let’s all start with admitting how we wish we could have Marie Kondo come into our lives and help us find joy in cleaning, but since that is physically impossible for her to do, we will work on the other thing, which is establishing a cleaning routine. 


Now hear me out, I know we all have busy lives, and it’s kind of a drag to clean. But, a cleaning routine isn’t about taking a mop and bucket to the floor every night. It is about taking things one day at a time and making a comprehensive checklist. 

Having clean surroundings has long been associated with holistic growth and clarity of thoughts. Houses are what we made to live, and we are the ones who fill it up with things we may or may not use. This creates clutter.   

Why do you think so many artists run to the wild to regain perspective? When was the last time you entered a forest and though- Oh, this is so cluttered. Never. That’s what. 

It’s our nature to want things to belong — a space for everything we own without fail. 

So, comes in the cleaning routine, a comparatively easier breakdown of big rooms into smaller tasks for you to accomplish every day for a happier, healthier you.  

Clean Your Clutter, Clear Your Life 

Clutter in a lot of research conducted across the spectrum has been found to have the ability to mess up your mental health. 

In a life where our to-dos never seem to expire, coming home to find a pile of dishes in the sink is not the greatest of feelings. 

Our body produces cloistral the stress hormone with declines throughout the day, depending on how we accomplish tasks. A dirty home would heighten the amount of cloistral in our brain and prevent us from sleeping, relaxing, or even just letting loose. 

A home is supposed to be a safe haven, not a torture chamber. A cleaning routine helps with that. 

A Cleaner You Is A Healthier You  

The act of clearing your surroundings can actually make you more active than tired. Physical exercise of any kind is known to increase the number of endorphins in your brain that can make you feel happier. 

 People who manage to have a clean home are also better at just following through a good exercise regimen. 

Using the skills that you used to make your home cleaner and more organized can be, in turn, be leveraged to make you a fitter, healthier person. 

Increase Productivity 

Clutter is distracting ( unless you are a hoarder). Most of us aren’t hoarders. Seeing so many things around us all the time can lead to overloading the visual cortex and messes up the brain’s function of processing information. 

When you are organized, you are saving time. Just think of it this way, if you don’t complete the small tasks, they will just pile up and become more time-consuming.  

Wash the dish as you make the food, and you will end up transforming into a person who actually has time to spare. 

Eating Cleaner Happens Only With Cleaner Spaces 

A primary reason behind an unhealthy lifestyle is the food choices we make. No longer is the food that we eat wholesome and fresh. Most of us look at cooking as a skill that is unnecessary to possess. 

In the midst of clutter, you are more than likely to gravitate towards food that you think is comfortable, That food might be fried or rich in carbohydrates both not advisable if you are on a quest to be healthier. 

A study went to the extent of stating that a person who worked in a neat space were more likely to choose an apple over a chocolate bar as a snack. 

Instead of resorting to coping mechanisms, being a person who picks apples is an excellent way to live. 

Sleep Better, Clean

Less mess is equivalent to less stress and more sleep. You are more likely to sleep better if you come back to a house where the bed is made, and the sheets are clean.

Following a routine is also a big help while chasing a good sleep, whereas if you are in a state of chaos throughout the, you will have the sudden addition of one of the many meaningless tasks we have to complete to survive in the society( paying bills ) instead of the activities that you genuinely enjoy ( sleep & sex).  

In The End, It Is Therapeutic

 Holding into objects is a sign of not wanting to let go. It is human nature to hate change. Hence, the chair that always has clothes or a cluttered wardrobe.  

But all you achieve by doing that is making your house a place of dread instead of a place of escape.

The initial step is often the hardest, but what comes after is a rewarding experience instead of a sad one. So, clean up.

Cleaning seems like a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you feel like a little help is in order, get yourself cleaning services NYC and build up your routine.