Cannabis & Fertility: Talking About The Myths

Procreation is a human calling. It is said that our entire existence is centered around the concept of procreation. It is a human calling. Now, as an introduction, that may be the most jarring statement you have read in a long, long time. But I’m here to tell you it’s true. Our fundamental nature is centered around a single motive of leaving a legacy and furthering our family line. Now, the biggest challenge to the whole institution of procreation has to be the increasing rates of infertility across the world.


We have been biologically evolving. Not in the best direction, however. We have been undergoing a fertility crisis starting from the 1970s.


So, it is a natural thing to wonder what is causing this massive decrease in sperm count as well as conceiving issues in females.


Cannabis Growth

Cannabis is growing in acceptability across the country. Starting from counterculture beginning in the 1960s to the peace movement of the 80s, where it became the third most consumed drug in the United States (The first and second being tobacco and alcohol). In homeopathic medicine, it has maintained its status quo for an even longer time. Its effects, however, have remained undocumented and not backed by science because of the federal ban on the drug, which continues to exist.


Cannabis and Fertility

In the US alone, 8.4% of adults claim to consume marijuana, either recreationally or medically. Out of this already large number, you have about 40% who admit to consuming on a daily basis.


With statewide legalization, there has been a spike in how much we know about the interactions the drug has with the body. Though one point I would like to reiterate before we begin a deep dive into the world of cannabis and fertility, research that I will be mentioning in the forthcoming passages is all preliminary and not conducted over decades and is subject to change as time passes.


This was like when the great people decided to put micro-beads in our body wash, only to realize we are doing irreparable damage to the environment in the end.


The process of understanding how the world works is long and tedious; oftentimes, it is only as time passes that we get a clearer picture of what is happening.


Now to the myths exist around the consumption of marijuana and how it affects fertility in both men and women.


Right off the bat, marijuana is a complicated herb (classified as a drug) it is complex in how it affects your body and with its various permutations, studying a particular kind is not an indicator of how other types will change the body and mind.


Also, a jarring issue is that research is exceptionally preliminary. So, conclusive results are rare.


An aspect of marijuana that is the true affects only shows up on heavy users and not occasional users. Short term usage is practically devoid of any side effects. Moderation is key here.


Fertility Complication

Understanding women’s fertility is inherently complicated. Unlike men who have semen parameters guiding research with women, its vaguer.


Myth: Cannabis may prevent and delay ovulation

Now, here is the thing there is literally one good study. That study says cannabis may delay ovulation. But, one study is hardly enough to draw conclusions

Myth: THC affects the sperm count

There are two extremely entertaining schools of thought attached to this myth.  One is that smoking marijuana is associated with a 29 % reduction in sperm count. The other one says that if you smoke marijuana even once, chances are you will have a higher concentration of sperm in comparison to the men who don’t do the same. Now here the speculation is how it ends up affecting you is a direct telling of how much you consume. These are inherently contradictory findings even if you take into account the frequency of smoking as a factor.


Myth: Smoking the seeds renders you infertile

Now, this is my favorite as the number of times I have heard it is baffling. I can give you a conclusive answer to this one and say no, this does not happen; You can’t be utterly infertile if you smoke the seeds. The truth is, apart from being a nuisance, there isn’t much that is achieved from the seeds. If you are a native strain enthusiast, chances are higher to find seeds otherwise not so much.


Contradictory Note

There is a contradiction to the myths stated above. If consumed at low levels, marijuana has the capability to actually benefit fertility.


All this noise and no actual conclusive evidence. The truth of the matter is that only research across the spectrum in every individual strain can give you a comprehensive view into the world of cannabis and its actual effects on fertility. Before you go becoming an enthusiast of anything ensure you talk to a medical professional to see if your medical condition qualifies for the use of a  medical marijuana card( for convenience sake).

9 Incredible Uses of Activated Charcoal For Your Health, Beauty & Home

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, “charcoal”? Well, I know what comes to my mind, it’s barbeque time! But, let’s not go there, I’m talking about the activated charcoal here. It is very different from the charcoal we use to cook a steak on. Activated charcoal is famous for its properties that can cure a number of issues.


Various sources can be used to make activated charcoal, but mostly it is made from coconut shells. Activated charcoal uses the negative charge to attract the toxins, and that’s how it works. This process is known as adsorption. It is a porous material, and hence perfect for removing unwanted elements from your body. You can use activated charcoal for various uses. Here are 9 incredible ways you can use activated charcoal for your health, beauty, and home.


1. It Can Remove Toxins in Emergency

One of the main reasons you must have heard about activated charcoal is that it can be used to control poison and toxins during an emergency. If someone has taken an overdose of drugs, activated charcoal can help in counteracting the effects of the drugs. It also used if you ingest anything like bleach or pesticides by accident.


2. It is an Anti-Aging Product

The beauty products in the market that claim to have anti-aging properties just focus on physical appearance. They do not really have any real benefits as such, instead, they can have a few side effects. On the other hand, activated charcoal contains all the necessary components that help in keeping your body fresh and alive. There are many toxins and chemicals lingering in your body, that activated charcoal can remove. You just need to consume two or three capsules of activated charcoal in a single day to flush your system. It can also improve your mental health and clear your mind.


3. You Can Use it to Clean Drinking Water

Having clean and healthy drinking water can be a luxury in many places. Most of the places have a water supply that contains chemicals like fluoride, solvents, and toxins. Activated charcoal can be used as a water filter to clean tap water, and you can get good tasting water.


4. Scared of Hangover? Don’t be, Activated Charcoal is Here

Yes, booze time! Now, you don’t have to worry about late-night drinking. Hangover won’t be a problem for you once you have activated charcoal with you. It can reduce the effects of a hangover. And in some cases, it can even completely stop the hangover. You can take activated charcoal while you are enjoying your drinks. It can adsorb the toxins that don’t let alcohol get into your bloodstream. Miracle, right? In fact, many doctors also recommend using it in case of alcohol poisoning or if a person is unconscious.


5. Clean Your Teeth With it

Social media is enough to let you know about the use of activated charcoal for whitening your teeth. It sticks to the tiny particles that are the reason for stains and remove them from your teeth. However, if you have crowns or veneers, it won’t work. Also, you still have to carry on with your normal oral care. You can brush your teeth with activated charcoal a few times a week, not more than that. So, add this in your normal oral care and see the magic.


6. It Can Also Help in Relieving Gas And Bloating

A lot of people suffer from digestive problems. These mainly include gas and bloating after having a heavy meal. If you also suffer from constant occurrence of gas and bloating and is becoming problematic, use activated charcoal after your meal. It holds the components in your food together that are responsible for gas and bloating. You will be able to get rid of these elements in the bathroom later. Drink plenty of water right after consuming it. This will let it get into your system faster and will give you relief faster.


7. High Cholesterol Won’t be a Trouble For You

Activated charcoal can prevent the risk of high cholesterol in your system. It attaches itself to the cholesterol and bile acids present in your digestive system. It doesn’t allow them to pass into the bloodstream. And just like any other substance in your body, these elements bonded by activated charcoal passed through your body and are removed when you defecate.


8. Activated Charcoal Can Act as a General Beauty Aid

I have mentioned it many times that activated charcoal is known for its ability to remove toxins from the body. And it can be used for a number of treatments. Using it on your skin can help you in tightening the pores on your skin. It can help in dealing with acne, bug bites, and can control oily skin. This time you don’t have to consume it like in previous uses. You can simply use it as a skin mask to get quick results.


9. Detox The Mold With The Help of Activated Charcoal

Mold is the substance that might not live in your body but can affect it if you are frequently getting in an area where the mold is present. Homes that do not get good ventilation are more prone to mold. And when you breathe in the area with mold, it can get into your body. The effects of mold can be really toxic. It can cause depression, puking, or respiratory distress. But due to the cleansing properties of the activated charcoal, it can cleanse your body and get rid of mold.