A Song that Empowers Me

A Song that Empowers Me

The most unpopular stand I have for music is that I am not crazy about it. Sick! I know. I haven’t found anyone who would say that they are not fond of music either. I guess I am the only unlucky person on this planet who cannot appreciate talent. No, I am just exaggerating, I may not love music as much as other people but I do appreciate talent.

Anyways, coming back to the topic, I have listened to a number of songs under peer pressure or because of the trends (Reels are addictive and you just can’t watch videos on mute, it makes no sense). But there is this one song that I chose to stick to in my hard times.

Back Story

As a feminist, I have a very strong opinion and my friends recognize that. So, one time because of my twitter presence and the tweets, a twitter friend of mine sent me a link to this one song that she said reminded her of me. Well, that was an extremely proud moment for me, to know that someone thinks about me when they listen to a song. I heard it while smoking delta 8 flower, on loop, for days. The lyrics were so bold and empowering that they started making me feel empowered.

To let you know a little about myself, I can say I am someone who is confident but I constantly end up losing hope. This may seem a little exaggerated but this song helps me get that hope and confidence back whenever I feel low.
The song that empower me to be better

The Song

I know, I have been talking about myself and the story a lot without mentioning the song. Well, I was trying to build curiosity and I guess I have been successful in doing that. So, the song, that I have been talking about since last few minutes is, *drumrolls*, Nightmare by Halsey *cheers and applauses*.
If you haven’t heard this song, you need to. Else you would never find out how empowering it actually is and who knows, maybe it becomes your anthem too.

Why This Song?

I know there are so many songs in the trending ‘empowerment’ list that could have easily been an anthem for both you and me. But I chose this one song over all the songs ever made because of the lyrics, music, and the fact that I can relate to it. I would be lying if I say I am not a fan of Halsey, but that is not all that influenced me to listen to this one song on loop. I have listened to ‘the night we met’ on loop too but it still isn’t in any of my lists.

When she says, “I gotta recognize the weapon in my mind” that is something I want myself to do. Instead of focusing on my flaws all the time and exploring the records of my wreckage, I will have to recognize the weapon in my mind that has all the powers to accomplish and achieve anything I set my mind to. When she says, “Broke down and put myself back together again” I have done that too, for myself. And if I could do this back then, I can do it again as well (putting myself together, not the breaking down part).

And, well, finally, I don’t owe anyone a goddamn thing.
This may not be your story, you may not feel connected to the song, i totally get it but there is some song that is meant to be heard by you. You need to find that and maybe stick to it for some time to realize that it has a lot to say to you personally. And you need to recognize the message and work on it.