5 Timeless Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is an oasis. That is putting it simply.  It is where you spend the majority of your time but often it is the last room to get decorated. If you are someone who is lucky to have a house with a great master bedroom, then make the most of it and use the opportunity to direct some decorative energy into this space.

A leading reason why people don’t decorate their master bedroom is that nobody except they themselves ever get an opportunity to see the space. And also, most of us are too tired to do some cleaning and re-decorating around the house. We tend to put more effort into places that other people can see and appreciate. However, if you look at it from that angle then it is this aura of exclusivity and positivity that you should invest a substantial amount of love and care into.

This is an intimate space, one that acts as a retreat and place of rejuvenation at the end of a long day. Now let’s have a look at leading ways you can decorate your master bedroom.


Start With Defining Zones

If you have one of the commonly found compact urban homes, then invest in some room dividers. Stylish, unobtrusive full height storage dividers help create different spaces within the same room. You can actually differentiate between living and sleeping areas without messing up the natural light.  Open shelving that is great for books and ornaments. You can go a step further and add cupboards that accommodate any odds and ends that you might want to store.

To make your room more functional, invest in multipurpose furniture. The kind of furniture that can be accessed on both sides or adapt as storage needs change. Also, movable shelves are a great investment.


En Suits Breathe Life Into The Room

If luxury is what you are aiming for, then an En Suite is not an option but a necessity. Nothing spells beauty than a stunning adjoining bathroom, the kind that belongs on Pinterest.

This is a little tricky aesthetically as well as functionally as the purpose they serve is so different from one another. The trick is to treat the whole set up as one cohesive space. This means complementary colors, finishes and as far as possible similar materials.

You can easily look for a digital resume online to see if a designer will be a better fit to help you design a space like this.

Versatile Storage Is Important

Very few of us actually have homes that have perfectly straight walls and completely square rooms. What this implies is that you need to get creative with storage. Get a couple of full height wardrobes and built-in storage. You are doing this to maximize the amount of storage space in the room.  If you have plenty of natural light in the room then you can opt for darker shades and accents throughout the room. Just remember to provide a cohesive feel throughout. Cohesion helps you in two ways. First, the flow of the room is maintained, and the second is the room seems bigger than what it already is. By working on storage you also develop a good habit in general. So you can look forward to eliminating all that extra stress by spending some time on investing storage for your bedroom.


Stick To Neutrals

If you have a similar color palette that extends from the bedroom to any adjoining space then you have the advantage of making it look like one big space. Another great way is by utilizing versatile furniture. This can be in one soft shade or as an accent tone. As far as colors go, try and stick to pastels.

Here I don’t mean the sugar pink or baby blue. Instead, go for an off white which has a warm undertone. These shades offer a better blend with white and grey and are also very soothing without feeling too cold. 

When we are talking about neutrals it is also important to pay attention to window treatments. They need to be in line with the room. Blinds or curtains are your choice, As that depends on the theme you decide to follow for the room.

Stick To A Contemporary Style

If your room is a little too dark, then mirrors are the key to a brighter room.  But there is a problem with mirrors. They can make the whole room feel dated and uninspiring. So now is the time to get a little creative and put your own twist into the situation.

You can get floor to ceiling tinted or antiqued mirrors. Try and keep the room airy and bright. You can do this by keeping the accessories reflective and simple. Think glass lamp bases and vases.  Mount mirrors on the wall and put a shallow shelf under it to keep the room clean.


In conclusion, I strongly suggest everyone should invest a little more time at keeping your master bedroom in great shape. If the space where you are going to be spending most of your time is not in great condition then what is the point of decorating anything else. Spend some time in your room and transform your master bedroom.