5 Female Philosophers You Should Know About

When anything related to philosophy is alluded to, the images of men, striking, short, balding, creepy, any classic image of men from the past pops up in our head. It is not often that you hear about a female philosopher. Almost never actually, which is kind of sad and disappointing. This is not due to the absence of women in philosophy, because there have been many, but the deliberate attempts made to not let it reach any mainstream platform. However whatever has been said and done and whatever is being said and done today, does not matter because we won’t forget them and be grateful enough for their contributions in our lives. Let us then go through a list of the most famous female philosophers everyone should know about.

Diotima of Mantinea

This is the name or more like a pseudonym for an ancient Greek woman who lived roughly during the 350-380 BC. Not much is known about this woman who existed so long ago but her mentions or references have carried on over till now. Especially due to the allusion that was made to a fictional character who could have been inspired from her in Plato’s Symposium. The reference has been made to ‘the philosophy in love’ which was created by this fictional character. Socrates quotes her contributions and calls her a priestess in his own texts. Whether she was real or not, she is one of the foremost female philosophers that everyone should know about.

Macrina the Younger

She is one of the old school philosophers who lived between 330 to 379 CE. A rather hidden figure among the philosophers, she belonged to a rather affluent Christian family from Macedonia. It is said that a conversation when she was lying on her death bed has been recorded which talks a lot about her wisdom and knowledge of physical sciences. Since this is something that is quite ancient the word of learning still spread and till this day she is a celebrated philosopher.

Mary Astell

A rather modern philosopher born in the seventeenth century who is a big part of philosophy history is Mary Astell, an English writer who is responsible for some of the most brilliant works. Her two books which were anonymously published hold their own importance as some of the best pieces of philosophical literature ever written by a female philosopher. She is someone who cannot be faulted with and rightly so, she constantly preached about the equality of women in spheres of jobs and such which were highly inspiring for everyone.

Mary Wollstonecraft

Best known for her ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ (1972), Mary Wollstonestreet was an active speaker, author and a philosopher. A strong and intelligent woman like her has many creations accredited to her name and that directly reflects the trailblazer behavior she exhibited during such historical times.

Simone De Beauvoir

Another name that is still relatively heard of a little is Simone De Beauvoir. She is famous for her many works but in particular ‘The Second Sex’. She has quite radicalized her thought process and she shares or presents it as such. Leading an unconventional life like she did only amplifies her style of writing and represents quite a focused approach to life to spread the word of rebellion among the people.


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