5 Female Philosophers You Should Know About

5 Female Philosophers You Should Know About

When anything related to philosophy is alluded to, the images of men, striking, short, balding, creepy, any classic image of men from the past pops up in our head. It is not often that you hear about a female philosopher. Almost never actually, which is kind of sad and disappointing. This is not due to the absence of women in philosophy, because there have been many, but the deliberate attempts made to not let it reach any mainstream platform. However whatever has been said and done and whatever is being said and done today, does not matter because we won’t forget them and be grateful enough for their contributions in our lives. Let us then go through a list of the most famous female philosophers everyone should know about.

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6 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

6 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

No doubt, testosterone plays a significant role in men’s health. For beginners, it helps in maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive. The testosterone level remains at its peak in early adulthood, and it starts dropping year after year as we age.

When the body stops generating the accurate volume of testosterone, the state is known as hypogonadism. Also, it is known as low testosterone. Men diagnosed with hypogonadism need to make changes in their schedule and diet to improve their testosterone levels.
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5 Timeless Tips For Decorating Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is an oasis. That is putting it simply.  It is where you spend the majority of your time but often it is the last room to get decorated. If you are someone who is lucky to have a house with a great master bedroom, then make the most of it and use the opportunity to direct some decorative energy into this space.
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Cannabis & Fertility: Talking About The Myths

Procreation is a human calling. It is said that our entire existence is centered around the concept of procreation. It is a human calling. Now, as an introduction, that may be the most jarring statement you have read in a long, long time. But I’m here to tell you it’s true. Our fundamental nature is centered around a single motive of leaving a legacy and furthering our family line. Now, the biggest challenge to the whole institution of procreation has to be the increasing rates of infertility across the world.
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9 Incredible Uses of Activated Charcoal For Your Health, Beauty & Home

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, “charcoal”? Well, I know what comes to my mind, it’s barbeque time! But, let’s not go there, I’m talking about the activated charcoal here. It is very different from the charcoal we use to cook a steak on. Activated charcoal is famous for its properties that can cure a number of issues.
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9 Habits That Eliminate Stress

Every human is unique in its own way. But, I can’t disagree that some people are born with some unique qualities that make them different from the crowd. Of course, you have felt this kind of energy at least once around you. People with optimistic approaches really attract us. If you notice such positive souls, you’ll perceive one thing common in them, and that is their on-going nature. Small things never bother them or stress them out. The single mantra of life for them is the show must go on. They chill all the time and act at the right time.
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