Special Activities

Listed below are the available activities you can participate in as a member of the Simsbury Newcomers Club. As you can see the club has a wide variety of activities and hopefully several will appeal to you.  If you are interested in trying any of these activities out before you decide to join (either the Club or the individual group, as an already existing member), you can contact any of the Activity Chairs to let them know you’re interested and you’d like to “try before you buy”.

If there’s a group you’d like to see that isn’t already here, and you’re interested in starting another new and fun activity, feel free to contact Ellen Yazmer – she’d be happy to help you bring your ideas to fruition.

Book Discussions

There are both Day and Evening discussion groups. Books are chosen at the beginning of each year, and everyone who is involved in these groups have a say in what is planned. This is a great group to join if you love to read – there’s a new book every month! – or just love to talk about books. For daytime meetings, feel free to contact Jane Fox. Evenings are headed up by Cheryl Cook.


Love to play Bridge, but you can’t ever find enough people to play with you? This is the group for you. Feel free to get in on the action by contacting Patty Howland for the couple’s group, Elayne Cree for the evening ladies group or Jane Fox for the daytime group.


Bunko is a very old dice game that’s really easy to learn. And a lot of fun to play. It’s so easy that while you’re rolling the dice, your mind can be on your discussion, and you can have a fun social morning out with friends. This group plays one morning a month – so if you’re interested, contact Arlene Zappile. Randi Stamboulis heads up the evening version of this game, so you’re not relegated to mornings only.

Come For Cocktails

If you enjoy socializing, then we are the group for you!  We are a co-ed group that meets a few times a year (3-4) at our members’ homes on Saturday evenings.  We are not a “couples only group”!  All are welcome!! We will schedule the gatherings around the “SNC Events” so as not to conflict.   Please bring an appetizer or a dessert to share.  Please bring your own beverages.  Hosts may choose to have a theme for the evening and will provide paper goods and glasses.  Contact Holly and Shaun Murphy to join this fun group.


This group meets once a month to work on some fun and seasonal crafts.  To join the fun contact Karen Pineau.

Dining Out

Dine out at some of the areas finest restaurants with this group.  Reserve the 2nd Saturday of the month for great company, conversation and tasty meals.  Contact Theresa Awad Roe or Beth Payne  to get on the email list.

Discover New England

New England is filled with many scenic, historical and cultural attractions. Join fellow Newcomers as we explore our surrounding area. Events and places to visit will be suggested by those who sign up for the group. Some ideas include: tours of local landmarks, ethnic food shopping trips, home or garden tour events, art exhibits, daytrips to the CT Shore or the Berkshires.   Contact Patty Howland to find out more about this fun group.

Happy Hour Social Club

We have tweaked the mission of the Men’s Night Out. It has morphed into Happy Hour Social Club (not just for men!).  We are now in pursuit of the perfect IPA, or some other craft brew delight, bourbon, vino, good conversation and food. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5 p.m. (or earlier for those that can).  This group is open to all!  Contact Shaun Murphy for all of the details!

Humans For Humanity

This is your opportunity to be the change you wish to see in the world. Humans for Humanity will work on a variety of projects to help our fellow human beings. This may range from filling backpacks with food for those in need in our community or raising money to build a school halfway around the world. Contact Brynn Brown to join our newest group.

Ladies’ Lunch Bunch

This is a fun group, where the ladies get together once a month to enjoy each others’ companionship and some good food. The leaders of the group, Alayna Clark and Toni Robinson, make reservations at different venues in the area so you can not only enjoy the atmosphere and lively conversation, but also try out a restaurant or two you may have never had the chance to go to before.

Mah Jongg

We have two groups that get together to play this fun tile game. The day time group meets every Wednesday and Alayna Clark organizes the hostess.  An evening group meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays.  Contact Holly Murphy to join this group!

Movie Night

One evening a month, we get together to go see the latest Silver Screen temptation. You can come by yourself, or you can bring your family and friends (or any part thereof). Sometimes, dinner is involved, sometimes just popcorn. If you’re interested in getting out to see something before it comes out on DVD, contact Holly Murphy or Gay Mulligan and come along!


The Needlework Group is a congenial weekly gathering of beginner and experienced needlecrafters. We meet in a member’s home or the library every Monday between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Join us for part or all of that time to be inspired, learn from others, or share your knowledge. Members host the group at home or provide refreshments at the library once or possibly twice a year. A weekly email message tells members the location of the next meeting and gives driving directions. If you’re interested, contact Karen Goldschmidt or Shirley Kucia.

Outdoor Club

Do you love the great outdoors? Interested in biking, hiking, kayaking, cross country skiing? Then this is the group for you. Position open, click to email if interested .

Paddle Tennis

Would you like to hang out and socialize over a fun and competitive sport? Contact Camilla Thompson for the Couples’ games, Carolyn Brand for the Ladies’ edition, or Dick Clark for Mens.


Pinochle is a great game that’s really easy to learn, and this is a very supportive group to teach you. It’s a nice evening out, playing cards and socializing with others – and who knows? Maybe you’ll go home with a little more money in your pocket than you came in with. Contact Judy Rabinowitz to get in on the fun.

Pop Ups

This is a new activity that includes various events that will “Pop Up” from time to time.    Sports events, comedy clubs, special dinners, wine tastings are just a few of the events that may be planned.  Members and their guests are invited to join in on the fun.  Shari Cassutt will be the chair of this group and keep the mailing list, but all members of Pop Ups are free to send out an invitation to whatever fun things they want to organize.

Tennis – Ladies

Do you love to play tennis and are looking for a fun group to share your time with? All levels and abilities welcome.  Position open, click to email if interested .

Theatre Group

Theater is for those who would like to see a matinee two or three times a year.  The group meets in the Simsbury central parking lot on Iron Horse and car pools to the theater. The theaters we were able to find matinees at have been: Hartford Stage, Goodspeed Opera House, and Ivoryton Theater in Essex. We usually stop for lunch beforehand to chat and enjoy some good food. It is a full day and lots of fun. Please contact Patty Howland for more information.

Walking Group

This is a terrific group to join if you not only want to get some daily exercise into your life (yes! they meet every day!) but you’d also like to see parts of Simsbury you didn’t even know existed. Afterwards, a cup of coffee and grab conversation is to be had by all. Take some time out for yourself, and contact Charlotte Ray to join in.


The Wellness group will be gathering 4 times a year to share topics on health/wellness such as nutrition, meditation, tai chi, laughter yoga, weight management, etc. Please let Nita Okray know if you would like to be part of the group.

Wine and Women

Wine & Women is a fun and casual group that meets once a month, at a member’s home, usually on the third Thursday night of the month. Everyone brings a bottle of wine or other beverage of choice and an appetizer or dessert to share. It’s fun to meet new members and reconnect with friends. We welcome members to join the group at any time during the year.  And, of course, you don’t have to drink wine to enjoy an evening out with this lively crowd!  Contact Cheryl Sojkowski or Sarah Nanzig to join this group.

We also have a few groups that were active in the past, but they have fallen by the wayside. If you’re interested in reviving any of these groups, feel free to pick one and run with it. Please note that the descriptions were the formats used by previous chairholders, so they are not set in stone. If you like any of these groups, but would like to change the format, please talk it over with Ellen Yazmer to see how you can get started!

Cooking Club

Foodies rejoice! This is a wonderful group that meets once a month to share recipes and enjoy cooking together, and gets to bring home dinner to the family. It’s a way to experience culinary delights while saving money (since everyone pitches in), having good conversation, learn new cooking skills and just having a grand ol’ time in the heart of a house.

Ice Skating

The Simsbury Farms ice rink opens in early November. Usually we skate for about one hour on a Tues, Wed or Thurs. Cost to skate is $1 for Simsbury residents (best deal in town!).

Kid’s Playgroups

Do you have kids, but you don’t get to socialize often because you’re busy caring for them? Do you feel like having a conversation that uses words with multiple syllables is a rarity? Would you like for your children to interact and play with other kids more often? Then this is the group for you.
The Kid’s Playgroup puts parents and their kids together once a week – the children get to play together as a group, while the adults actually get to have adult conversations. It’s a nice breather from the usual routine.

Ski Club

Ready for some FUN in the SUN (and SNOW) now that winter is fast approaching?  (YAY for us SNOW LOVERS!)  Then let’s go skiing on a regular basis with our Newcomer buddies (while the kids are in school).  Whether a “never-ever” or an experienced skier, there is a place and lesson ready for you.