Photo Gallery

Oktoberfest Potluck Dinner – October 2017

We held our second annual Fall Potluck dinner and our theme was Oktoberfest.  Thanks to Camilla, Diana and Eileen for organizing such a fun event.  Everyone brought delicious food and we learned how to swing dance!

OkfestFood1     OkfestFood2

OkfestFood3     OkfestFood4

OkfestTable8   OkfestTable1

OkfestTable3   OkfestTable4

OkfestTable5   OkfestTable6

OkfestTable7   OkfestTable2

OkfestDancing4   OkfestDancing3

OkfestDancing2   OkfestDancing1

The cook-off winners for appetizer/soup, side dish, entrée and dessert!  Congratulations!

Winner1     Winner2

Winner3     Winner4

Meet and Greet – October 2017

We had over 30 people attend.  New members were welcomed by our renewing members!

MeetGreetOct20176      MeetGreetOct20175

MeetGreetOct20174      MeetGreetOct20173

MeetGreetOct20172      MeetGreetOct20171

Spring Meeting and Brunch – May 2017

Thanks to our Outgoing Board Members and welcome to the New Board!

Lunch2017OldBoard                Lunch2017NewBoard

Thanks to all of our Activity Chairs that allow us to have fun meeting each other and welcoming our newest members!


Kandie Carle, “The Victorian Lady”, entertained us with a one-woman show that took us back to a woman’s life in the Gilded Age!

Lunch2017VL1     Lunch2017VL2

Lunch2017VL3     Lunch2017VL4

Lunch2017VL5     Lunch2017VL6


 Winter Blues Bash – January 2017

Thanks to Jim Ray for taking all of the photos!

WinterBash17_01    WinterBash17_02

WinterBash17_03    WinterBash17_04

WinterBash17_05    WinterBash17_06

WinterBash17_07    WinterBash17_08

WinterBash17_09    WinterBash17_10

WinterBash17_11    WinterBash17_12

WinterBash17_13    WinterBash17_14

WinterBash17_15    WinterBash17_16

WinterBash17_17    WinterBash17_18

WinterBash17_19    WinterBash17_20

WinterBash17_21     WinterBash17_22

WinterBash17_23    WinterBash17_24

WinterBash17_25    WinterBash17_26

WinterBash17_27    WinterBash17_28

WinterBash17_29    WinterBash17_30

WinterBash17_31    WinterBash17_32

WinterBash17_33    WinterBash17_34

WinterBash17_35    WinterBash17_36

WinterBash17_37    WinterBash17_38

WinterBash17_39    WinterBash17_40

WinterBash17_41    WinterBash17_42

WinterBash17_43    WinterBash17_44

WinterBash17_45    WinterBash17_46

WinterBash17_47    WinterBash17_48



Activity Groups

Bunko – Daytime


Bunko – Evening

BunkoEvening2015-1    BunkoEvening2015-2

BunkoEvening2015-3    BunkoEvening2015-4

Dinner Night Out

DinnerFeb2015    DinnerMay2015

Discover New England October 2017 – Trip to the Berkshires with tour of Naumkeag cottage and gardens and then lunch at the Red Lion Inn

DNEOct7   DNEOct1

DNEOct4  DNEOct3   DNEOct2   DNEOct6

DNEOct8   DNEOct5

Lunch Bunch

Lunch2015-1    Lunch2015-2

Lunch2015-4    Lunch2015-3

Mah Jongg – Day

MahJonggDay2    MahJonggDay1

Mah Jongg – Evening

EveningMJ1    EveningMJ2

Wine and Women

WW2015-1  WW2015-2  WW2015-3

Walking Group

Walking2    Walking1